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Clinical  Dec 14

Defining the Tension Between Physician, Researcher

Whether it’s caring for an ICU patient at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, helping to define and interpret the rules that protect human…

Feature Profiles  Nov 10

For Bariatric Surgeon, Patient Access to Procedures Remains Chief Concern

The evolving procedures were once largely considered “cosmetic,” but today, cardiologists, endocrinologists and primary care…

Feature Profiles  Oct 01

Doctor by Day; Writer by Night

How to create two careers from one.

Feature Profiles  Oct 01

Half-match Stem-cell Transplant Program Leads to Lifesaving Option

As director of the Haploidentical Transplant Program at Washington University School of Medicine, Rizwan Romee, MD, is pioneering new…

Home  Oct 01

Taking a Novel Approach

What are the new priorities?

Feature Profiles  Sep 02

Vascular Surgeon Works to Both Provide State-of-the-Art Care and Define It

From research to hands-on practice, Dr. Mohamed Zayed lives in two medical worlds.

Feature Profiles  Aug 12

Getting to Know Wash U Medical School’s New Dean

How does Wash U’s new medical school dean plan to optimize the power of science?

Feature Profiles  Aug 12

Thoracic Surgeon Focuses on Minimally Invasive Care

General thoracic surgeon Melanie Edwards, MD, honed her skills in minimally invasive surgery with a fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical…

Home  Aug 12

Meet Wash U’s New Medical School Dean

David Perlmutter, MD, Officially Joins the Faculty Dec. 1

Feature Profiles  Jul 09

Writing the Book on Our Health Care System

A frustrated med student, Dr. Nathan Moore co-wrote the successful Health Care Handbook to guide physicians through the maze of…

Feature Profiles  Jun 11

St. Louis Physician George Hruza Sees Teaching as the Reward

Pursuing a balance between private practice and academic medicine has provided an opportunity to broaden his own reach.

Feature Profiles  May 01

New OB/GYN Chair at Saint Louis University School of Medicine Growing the Network of Care

Dr. Mary McLennan looking forward to the challenge of leadership but will miss patient care

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